Really? Did you some how come away with the impression that I was not being funny here Bruce? What side of the bed did you wake up on? And I if I do mention from time to time what I do for living, it's almost always with a "smile." The hat, Sugarloaf. What's your's say? That's a nasty post my friend to something obviously intended to be funny!

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We'll probably see excuses/explanations for this sterotypically offensive post, but...

For the record: RULOST2?'s family lives in Mississippi and Tennessee.

1. They are NOT NASCAR fans.
2. They don't care for scrapple - a Pennsylvania, New Jersey staple.
3. Only RULOST2?'s father - a disabled veteran - drives an American car - a Ford Crown Vic.
4. Hats? Just curious, but what logo is on the hat you're wearing in your avatar?
5. Yeah - we KNOW you're a lawyer. At least 75% of your posts mention it.
6. Gravy? Hmmm... Been to the deep south several times, lived in Texas and North Carolina, but never saw anyone putting gravy on everything. Confused about this one.