We made a stupid move today. I wonder if anyone else has ever done something like this.

We went to look for a cache that we had in our folder. It was called "Benedict's Campground". We search and search for it today. Then we came back to log it as "Not Found", but can not find that the cache ever existed. So evidentally it was removed. It is not even archived. Does anyone know what happened to this one. I know it is our fault for not checking the internet and making sure it was still there before we went. I know from now on I will check what is in our folder before we leave to make sure it still exist.

I guess the good thing is we don't have to log it as "Not Found" if it is no loger is listed. But we spent over 1/2 hour looking for this Ammo can that was not there. That was the real bummber of the whole deal.