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I feel that one function of the advisory board should be to focus on geocachingmaine.org member retention. The board at this time has a wonderful opportunity to step up and begin interacting with everyone on this site to ensure that they will stick around and continue to provide valuable insight to the website.

I have had several fellow geocachers email me and tell me that they have either left or are thinking of leaving the website due to the content lately.

To ensure a happy and productive website, it's essential to have a variety of input from all spectrums. If the board feels that they "didn't know" about people being upset lately, my thought would be that they haven't read every post on the board, another essential part of being a well informed advisory board member.

I joined this side in 2007 and lurked for a long time before posting a few months ago. This may have to do a lot with my comfort level with technology, which isn't very high. It's hard for me to believe that people get so insulted by things on this post. I work with teens who post constantly (creating a lot of poor social situations) and the language and insults they trade online would turn your hair gray (Mine is getting there) One of the things I've been taught is how teens live online and take everything personally. One of the lessons I try to teach is that things online should be taken with a grain of salt, and the meaning off those posts does should not rise to the level of insult. You cannot compare what is going on in sites like Myspace and Facebook to the comments left on here. Perhaps I'm thick skinned (being called "pig" at the Bob-in a few thousand times will do that to a man) but I have not seen anything here that anyone should take to heart. If there are misunderstandings perhaps one should take the time to PM someone and try to work out the issue. Otherwise, this should be taken for what it is, an entertaining way to connect with others and share in the hobby of Geocaching. This is a fantastic way for me to de-stress and share my thoughts with people that I would never get a chance to otherwise. If you are approaching this at a level where you could get insulted, it's time for some self examination. People are going to enter and leave any type of organization for reasons that are thier own. I just hope that it would be for good reasons, not mispercieved insults. You want to feel an insult personally, have a lawyer call you a liar on the stand. Now, bring on the critics!