Hi folks.....I just read through this entire exchange and wanted to respond to something on each of the pages but kept reading through. Several things come to mind.

First: it would appear that, although most comments are very positive regarding the advisory board, there is enough there to warrant holding new elections. That would put all of this to rest. I think the current board might be re-elected, but it would give a chance for others to apply. I also have the opinion that the current rules favor the seated board, heavily favoring the status quo. And don't get me wrong, this might be a good thing.

Second: Thanks, TAT, for the thread that gives us the insight to the history of the group. It shows that a few of you stood around one day and said "Gee, do you suppose we should organize into a group?" It was clear from the start that there would be no dues, no mandatory meetings, no fines for not showing up, etc. Just a web site that people could go to and share ideas about geocaching.....a resource site that all could share and benefit from. Kudos to you all for making that happen.

Third: Rick's (ATTROLL) contributions to this website have been immense. I think he should be named an advisory member emeritus. Let's face it....Geocachingmaine.org is not a company with employees, it's not a community service group with a secret handshake, it's a web site that we go to to share ideas. The webmaster is all-important and the rest of you are....well....you could be any one of us.

Fourth: I respect the wisdom of the current advisory board members. Your experience level with geocaching shows and I have taken your advice on a number of occasions. But I'll also say that the comments from Opalsns and Fins2Right on this thread have been right on. I laugh to myself and walk away at some of the geoevents that I attend when I overhear some of the conversations of the super veteran cachers. New GPS comes out....ooops, throw my current GPS away and run to buy the new one and then spend hours trying to overcome the bugs in the system. And while you're all standing there trying to beam to each other the latest and greatest technology I'll take out my compass and go and find the cache. I know I'm a neanderthal, but the point of this is that there are many, many people on geocachingmaine.org who still like the thrill of going out and finding a cache (including me), not just thinking they have the latest technology. The input from members like that will reflect the feelings of many more members of geocachingmaine.org than those who have a vehicle dashboard filled with laptop computers, TomToms, and ipods, etc. Please pay attention to this.

Fifth: While I'm at it, let me say that any geocacher who has a cell phone that is programed to sound off the instant that a new cache is published should be shot! When I fish I use a fly, or I troll....but I never use a hand grenade to increase my chances of getting a fish. Those of you who know me realize I love a FTF! But I'm embarassed for those who have their cell phones programmed for this and then get up from bed and chase after a cache....leaving their job or significant other behind to suffer in their absence, and then claim their astoundment that it's a FTF. You know who you are.

All of this is directed at finding the right mix of people to serve on the advisory board that represent those of us who visit and become a part of geocachingmaine.org. I'd like to thank those of you who are currently on the advisory board.....I've enjoyed coming here for advice. I hope the future board reflects the current membership of geocachingmaine.org.