Well, since Dan is back , we don't want this milestone to go by. He joined GC.com on 10/31/07 and today slid over the peak of 1500 finds. A respectible and dedicated accomplishment in days shy of one year.

A couple of things to definitely note ~ which of course all helped to contribute to this accomplishement. First, he has been ably assisted by his finance Di, who along this year's journey of days going by became his wife. Additionally, although not retired, he does not work a job which is confining ~ in fact, he is the boss, so, when his employees let him go he is free to roam. He is familiar with the state and not afraid to travel ~ in fact, this man loves to GO! He has a sense of adventure. Not all of these were quickie or GRC caches ~ but of course some were.

Regardless of the number of caches you do in a period of time ~ I am sure Dan and Di would be the first to support me when I say ~ it's not the numbers but the journey along the way. The times spent together with family and friends, the beautiful vistas enjoyed, the special times for a picnic and all those memories (including loosing the Colorado)!

Nice going Dan - here's to both of you as you go on to many more!