Indeed these are sad times today in Abbot. As reported in the Bangor Daily News Wednesday Oct. 29th, a tractor trailer truck headed east on rt. 150 in Parkmen fail to negotiate a corner and crashed through the guardrail. The driver of the truck was reported in good shape and the truck was eventually righted and towed away. The thirty tons of sawdust the truck was carrying has also been cleaned up and the small oil spill has been contain.

What wasn't reported in the paper was that Kramer one of my Seinfeld series caches was in fact residing in that very guardrail. I personally haven't been able to summon the strength to verify these findings. But a close friend of mine a member of the Guildford Fire Dept. was one of the first responders on this tragic scene. He has told me that under the circumstances he witnessed little hope of even finding the remains can be expected.

So once again let me say that these are sad times in our little community. I will be archiving Kramer until after a proper amount of mourning has past at which time I will try to find a home for a new Kramer cache.