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Thread: Milestone question

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    Well, I found 56 Caches my first summer. This year I hope to end up around 230 in total. It took me 18 months to find my first 100. It only took me a month and a half to find the second 100. (two busy months with a lot of big number days) I got really excited to find #100 and it took me 97 to get my first FTF. I'm not even close to the Dan Dubord pace, But I had a great summer/fall caching and I'm looking forward to winter with all of the excitement of getting my wisdom teeth removed. I hate winter!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vicbiker View Post
    get Vic and Tom to go walk in the pouring rain, the dark, through uncharted woods, so I can log a few more caches.
    And I still plan on getting Vic and Tom to truck throught the woods with me. I think our first time we included Gary and we were scoping out a place to winter camp. BUT someone didn't spend the night in the cold......

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    I started caching in June of 2006 with only three (count them 3) caches in the immediate area. But I managed to get 50 caches and thought that was a lot. Then in 2007 I found 111 more and thought I was doing great..... This year so far I've found 251 more caches, total to date 412. So maybe as the fever grows, you double your finds each year??? I hope so. I'm hooked and it's great fun! But I prefer NOT to get a lot of finds in one day. I like quiet places in the woods, and I like to find the cache, paw through everything in it and then enjoy the scenery. And I like to be able to remember the cache, the place, the experience long after I've found it. Find what you like and concentrate on that. For always there will be cachers with greater and lesser finds than yours.. to paraphase a bit. But finds do get easier as you go along.
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