Hi, My partner and I are new to the sport, and have logged (what, 3-4 finds) from the past couple of weekends out doing this. Have had lots of fun. Just bought a Garmin nuvi 255W for the car, and a Garmin eTrex Legend HCx GPSr for handheld action. I also use my Blackberry with Geocache Navigator software from Trimble for logs, notes, etc. However, I have found that the Blackberry is really hard to use as far as bouncing all over the place when I get near. Hoping the Garmin works better for us.

I live in Portland, and partner lives in Sebago. So, we're hunting all over those areas. Loved finding a magnetic nano today, that was fun! Logged a DNF on the A Peaceful Read cache in Evergreen Cemetery out past the duck ponds - just could not find that sucker. Funny story - while hunting, I (being a woman of "substance") got stuck almost up to my knees in mud. Yup, it was a rainy few days, I guess. I was so freaked out - I had the most hellish time getting unburied (in the cemetery, no less), but thankfully my partner was there to help me get out. Was going to have to call 911 and explain what I was doing out there!

We're planning on planting a cache up in the Sebago area very soon - small/regular sized one and have the perfect container for it. Partner owns land up there, so will be easy enough to find a good hide for you folk to find!

Anyway, happy caching, and see you around the woods!