OK, so getting ready to put out some little caches, and wanted some input. I was going to do some urban micros in Portland with magnets, and was thinking of using a little Airborne medicine container (cleaned, obviously). Got it all decked out and ready to go. Took a little Post It note pad (think paper flags) and drilled a hole in the sticky part of the pad and used a twist tie to secure them into a logbook of sorts. So, that one should be fine.

However, the next question I have is this: I have access to a large and continuing supply of chewing tobacco plastic containers. You know, the ones slightly smaller than a hockey puck. The labeling is easily removed, already basically camoed with black plastic, and cleaned out, I figured they would work very well. What do you all think? They still (after cleaning) have a slight minty odor from the tobacco, but am working on getting rid of that. Man, I'd love to be able to use them instead of throwing them out. I can make them into micros/magnetic without having to buy the ones online - money is super tight. Thoughts?