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Thread: emsdanel hits 1500!

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    we enjoyed meeting you on the trail at "healing waters" and we are very happy for your accomplishment. keep on caching and hopefully we will meet again.

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    Default congrats.

    1500 caches,,,Holy smokes Did'nt think you were up that high. Congratulations to a dedicated cacher, that we enjoyed meeting. We are still trying to hit 300!! Oh well,,we have had some really good times and met some fine people. All the best from Gail, Shamis and I

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    Default Congrats....

    Geesh.... is everyone going to pass me? Nice job!

    Kaching Karen
    AKA: Slow Cacher

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    Hey "K" I'll wait for yah!!!!
    Just smile it won't crack your face

    The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four persons is
    suffering from some sort of mental illness. Think of your three best
    friends -- if they're okay, then it's you.

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    Congratulations Dan! keep on cach'n

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    Rest assured Karen, I'm a long ways from catching you and won't be doing it anytime soon.
    There is a very fine line between 'hobby' and ‘mental illness'. ---Dave Barry

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    Thanks for all the kind words, folks. My geocaching is now a fraction of what it was during my first year due to commitments at work and other volunteer efforts involving cancer issues. But caching remains a joy because of the places I have seen, the mountains I have climbed, and the people I have met through the sport. One of these days I'll take up on Mainiac1957's offer for a primer in advanced technology.... he swears that I can put maps on my GPS, that I can actually have my computer send cache info to my GPS, and other wonderful stuff. I'm not sure I believe all of that, though. And worse yet, I'm betting that I'll probably have to buy some sort of cable or something to connect my GPS to my computer to do all of that. I don't know....that all sounds so complicated. The only directional arrow that I use is the compass I hold in my left hand while holding the GPS in my right. I just know that I thoroughly enjoy heading out to places I've never seen before, feeling the thrill of finding a cache (especially a FTF!), and breathing in the fresh air. It truly is that simple for me. So thanks again for your kind words and thanks to all of you who place caches for me to find.

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