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Question: Is there a designated person or committee that normally coordinates both the creation and purchase of these coins? Seems too bad to miss a year.
No, there is not. Sudonim had done a great job the past few years helping us with the ordering and collection of payments, but no one has stepped up to the plate to see that the coin process flows smoothly.

On October 31st of last year I got the ball rolling with this thread, after the subject was brought up in Maine chat the night before. In that thread, I also sent out a couple pleas for someone to take the coin project on and help Sudonim with the process. And yet, no one offered. A few people pushed at different times and it seems like the coin will happen, over a year after I started that thread.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but if members want to produce a coin or see any other project happen, someone needs to step up and take it on. If we're going to have a coin next year, we are already behind compared to last year, since it's already November 11th and it hasn't been discussed.

As far as whether to keep this a 2008 coin or make it 2009, I think I lean toward 2008, but will go with the majority.