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Yes, you as well as many others made suggestions. Some ideas were used, some were not. What I am saying is there should be one or two people to see the entire process though. From sending out feelers about the coin and it's entire process and a rough time line. If you read through that thread it's basically a free for all. And maybe that's good enough since it looks like there will be a coin, perhaps I just like more organization.

We all have ideas that get shot down. If you check many of my suggestions in other posts, you'll see many of my ideas didn't make it far either. But if you don't put your idea out there, you'll never know.

"The board" doesn't use a coin maker. We as a group do. It took a year to get this coin made, imagine how much longer it might have been if we had a discussion over changing the coin maker. Again, better reason for more organization.
I totally agree with you!!! ( Wow, imagine that!! )
I learned alot today from all the posts re: the coin creation.