This artile is being posted by hollora - collectively and in cooordination and collaboration with Cache Maine:

In 2006, a new event came on the Maine cache scene. It was a well choreographed production of a Maine Pirate Quest. An event with a twist of adventure, fun coins to discover, several contests and a spirited auction.

After success of the first event, another event of similar magnitude was held in 2008. The second event was a huge success, too. Folks traveled from afar and really enjoyed themselves.

This year, already, folks are asking about Maine Pirate Quest 2009. This post is to announce after conferring and by mutual agreement, the folks who worked hard to make this a reality have need for a sabbatical.

We thank you all for your support over two wonderful years. It was thrilling to see folks enjoy the day. If you never attended, but were looking forward to this year, regretfully you will have to wait until another one is held.

You are free to PM or EM either Cache Maine or me. Thanks for the memories!