Trick came home a few months ago and told me about geocaching after a hike with some coworkers from LL Bean. It sounded interesting and I was amazed when I saw how many caches there were so close to our house in Freeport. We decided to give it a try and were instantly hooked!

I've been obsessed with all things geocaching since then. I've listened to the podcasts from all over, read all the forums and feel so lucky to have started caching in Maine. The community here has been wonderful. Many of you have reached out to welcome us and and all have sent thoughtful and patient responses to my emails. People have been friendly and forthcoming in the chat sessions I've joined/taken over and when I put out a request for the back Maine Geocoins on this site, someone sent me one (and would accept no money) to begin my new collection.

Your caches have introduced us to new people, taught us some local history, and brought us to places we never would have seen otherwise. When I've looked for caches near my family's home out of state, I'm reminded how great the caches here are. It is obvious the amount of time and energy that you put into placing quality caches for others to find.

Our first 100 caches have been memorable and what I hope is just the beginning of a long and happy caching career. Thank you one and all!

Kendra and Dawn