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    Exclamation Nominations for Board Members

    The Advisory Board Election Poll has ended and the voters to have decided to hold an election to refresh the board.

    This thread is the next step for Geocaching Maine members to nominate themselves or other eligible Geocaching Maine members for one of the four available board positions.

    To nominate yourself, simply state your desire to run in this thread. To nominate someone else, state your nomination in this thread and inform the nominee. The nominee must accept his or her nomination by stating so in this thread. If you are nominated and choose not to run, please post here as well. Please specify the first name of the nominated person. This will help distinguish which person is nominated when the user name may include multiple people, as in teams of families using one user name.

    A list of members who have accepted their nomination or who have nominated themselves, as well as a list of nominees choosing not to run will be listed at the end of this post.

    Nominations will be taken until December 7th at 12 PM. Elections will be set up shortly after and run through to the end of December when the votes will be tallied.


    Nominated and accepted:

    Brdad - Dave
    Ekidokai - Mike
    Kaching Karen - Karen
    Medawisla - Steph
    Sudonim - Andy

    Nominated awaiting accept/decline:

    Nominated and declined:

    Cache Maine - Cameo
    Dave1976 - Dave
    Dubord207 - Dan
    EMSDanel - Dan
    Firefighterjake - Jason
    Hiram357 - Aaron
    Hollora - Lois
    Kayaking Loon - Jean
    Mainiac1957 - Brad
    Tat - Tom
    WhereRWe? - Bruce

    All comments are a collaborative effort of the board members.
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