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Thread: Nominations for Board Members

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    Smile medawisla's long-winded reasoning

    Quote Originally Posted by tat View Post
    I would like to hear from some of the candidates!

    What opinions do you have, and why should we vote for you?
    Glad you asked. I was hoping to learn something more about those running. I'll start since this is the first thread I read tonight and it makes sense to get started huh?

    Geocaching started out as a way to do something other than sitting around at home. Hiram and I have had waves of caching numbers and waves of online involvement; yet developing friendships has not wavered over time. We’ve built relationships that we can depend on and we can be depended upon too. Geocachers were single-handedly (or multi-handed, however you look at it) responsible for getting us moved from Waterville to Bangor in a matter of two or so weeks! From finding a place to physically settling in. So on the trail and off the trail, geocachers have been there, and now it's time for me to be there for others.

    When the Board announced interest in starting a newsletter from GeocachingMaine to its members last year, a bit of excitement bubbled up in me. I had done email newsletters for other non-profits I worked for in the past; and I enjoyed telling stories. I have enjoyed putting together the Newsletter, and the feedback has been positive. I look forward to continuing this task.

    When multiple people mentioned to me that I should run for the board, and then I was nominated, I had to think for a bit on what else I could really contribute. After talking with the board members, I determined that the main contribution needed was to listen about issues and come to a consensus. Generally these are related to site issues but sometimes things like the geocoin. For the most part issues get discussed in the forums, which I support. I feel I could do this well. I enjoy trying to find solutions, and I enjoy enriching geocachers' lives with conversation and friendship, which the forums support.

    Finally, it is my hope that as a community we will continue to converse about two items I'd like to help address:
    1. Fostering the activities geocachers contribute to off the trail, especially those activities that are coupled with the sport of geocaching and would foster our mission. What can the board do to promote and support such activities?
    2. GeocachingMaine permanency online: How do we ensure its existence long-term? Long-term, what will our financial situation look like? How can we prepare for that?

    I’m up for questions if you have them. Happy caching!
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    I'm going to just stand on my record, good or bad. If you need to know more than that, you can look at my original post I made for the first election. My views have not changed.

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    Hey Dave, you've always been my No.1 in the No.2 business......
    Just smile it won't crack your face

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    A question was posed on another thread regarding the Advisory Board vote count...One thing I've been waiting for before placing my vote is for the nominated parties to make some sort of statement.
    Both Medawisla and Brdad have made theirs, did I miss statements from Ekidokai, Kaching Karen and Sudonim somewhere?
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