This cache has had a very quiet page. I expected folks would be stating their status and someone would have grabbed the First to Find honors by now. Perhaps everyone is trying stay under the radar.

There presently is no active Maine cache fulfilling the zero (0) requirement, hopefully one is in the works. There was no cache fulfilling 9, but I published one Wednesday.

So using the wildcard for 0, someone could be complete. I picked up 6 last night and now need 0, 7, 9, X & Z. The only active Z cache in the state is Ziploc Zombie, so I will be stopping by there on my way to log the final, as will several of my friends from So. ME.

If the stars and moon align perfectly, I might be at the final sometime Sunday night. It is a long shot, but what to hey gotta shoot for the moon!

So has anyone else checked their finds to see where they are?