In 2008, a small but hearty group of cachers supported the Hancock County Relay for Life in Ellsworth ME. We raised money and donated it (hey, that's the purpose of replay), we spend nearly 20 hours together, cooked and ate a great breakfast (folks were stopping on the track to smell our food), walked (and Kaching Karen is the best when it comes to the costumes - and yes, please - we NEED more walkers), talked (about how cancer has effected all of us, about geocaching and a ton of other stuff) and all left saying.........let's do this again in 2009! So, our team is signed up...on line....and so are two of the team members. We also have a verbal commitment from CacheMaine 1 & 2, vicbiker, chercacher, and Mainiac1957 along with Quilting Mom&Mike are going to try and make it.

The event will be held Friday night, June 12th through Saturday morning this year in Ellsworth. The Team Captain is, none other than, our own EMSDanel. Anyone who is going to participate should post to this thread and also sign up on line at;fr_id=16432 It is an easy process and if you need help - contact Dan or me.

Please remember, this is not an "official Geocaching event" because it can not be due to the guidelines. But, it is an event which some of us enjoy participating in and endorse. We would love to have other cachers join us for as long, or as short a time as possible, help us raise money to donate for our team or just support us with our find raising efforts.

I am hopeful, since I am not a new poster and not a spammer that some of our efforts may be posted here for folks to peruse. One reason I am posting this now is so folks can plan. Both for fund raising things as well as timing to participate.

Nothing made me any more upset than missing some nice Christmas Geocoins this year, because my budget was spent and I ddn't know they were coming.....urghhh! So for the pleasure of those who might like some trinkets for their donation - here is what will be offered - so far.......

Coming sometime in January - if the pathtag Gods bless us - is a specialty pathtag just for this relay. It was designed by one of our "Team" - CacheMaine2 or Tim. The luminary will "glow in the dark". These are available in limited quanities and the minting is only 200. Here is a blueprint of the tag. No more will be made.

CacheMaine will be selling some on Ebay - Vic & Cheryl have committed to take some, Dan will take some and I will have the rest. Here is how it will work. The minimum donation for one of these pathtags is $5/per tag (remember - this is a fund raiser!) You may obtain your tag from any of us. I have already pre-sold 4. So, if you want in one owning one of these special tags - contact one of us and pitch your deal. Once they are gone - they are gone and I think these will be you may not want to wait. I feel confident these will sell out. Please remember - these are not in hand - delivery will be sometime after January.

Another fun raising effort is a small (2" high and long) Beast Cancer duckie. I have 12 light pink and 12 dark pink ducks available to help us raise funds. Yup, these are tiny duck but I hope mighty ducks to raise some funds for our Relay Team! Go - Cachers Who Care! Again, a fund raiser, so these are going for a donation of $3.00 each. I am the only one with the ducks right now. If you are interested in one, please email me. Wouldn't these make a cute TB or a sweet FTF prize? Lots of other things you might do with them as well.

OK - long post, but, here's the summary - Want to participate with "Cachers Who Care" in a Relay for Life in Ellsworth ME? Post here or contact one of us! Want either of the currently available fund raising items - contact either me, or, with the pathtags one of the cachers who will have them when they arrive. And of course, questions - please ask.

Merry Christmas to one and all!