Hi everyone... I have a new cache location all scoped out and it's in the hollow of a tree. However, I've discovered some of my other caches are frozen in right now and I've been thinking of ways to prevent that. When I hunt for caches in the winter I try to bring something to chisel with to free up frozen caches and do the best I can. But I've been thinking of ways to make it easier for everyone who finds my caches in the winter. To try to prevent the freeze-up of a cache, I now do several things. First, if it's on the ground I'm trying to leave a small ditch for water run off. Second, and I always think of this when I place caches during winter months, I try to find locations off the ground. I recently found two of Laughing Terry's caches along snowmobile trails and I was appreciative of those above-the-ground caches. And finally, today (for the new cache in the hollow of a tree) I bought a cheap (59 cents) star-shaped cookie cutter which I will place under the new cache container to keep it elevated off the floor of the hollow in the tree, hoping this will help prevent it getting frozen in place.

So - do any of you have any ideas to help prevent caches from getting frozen in place?