I was going to post this in the board area for Rick to look at, and then decided it might be beneficial to all members. We get new members from time to time and sometimes it is easy to identify their post(s) as spam which makes it easy to ignore or report. Other times the intentions of the new member is less clear. On rare occasion innocent people have been accused of being spammers which is unfortunate.

Many times the spam is nothing more than an annoyance, but oftentimes the posts contain links to external sites which contain malware which could lead to many forms of unwanted problems.

http://www.stopforumspam.com/ is a web site which has a list of thousands of known forum spammers and their IP addresses, user names, and email addresses. There is a search box where you can enter in the user name to help identify possible spammers. I would recommend checking this list before clicking on any link posted by a brand new member. However, be aware we could get a new member who has a matching user name just by coincidence, further verification may be needed.

Edit: A search for a new member I recently was suspicious of is on the list.