At yesterday's event I engaged in and eavesdropped (sorry, habit from work ) on a few conversations about TB's and Geocoins. I've got four or 5 TB's out there, one of which has gone to ground. I've released one coin, which I had about 50 cents invested in, so I was comfortable with letting it go.

I've seen one coin that was scanned in, printed out and encased in Poly released. I thought that it was a neat way to send out a coin and still keep it for a collection. I got a mixed reaction to that, some thought it was a good idea, others thought it was cheating.

The other conversation was about TB's. Typically, I exchange them one for one. If I see a lot of TB's in a hotel, I might grab an extra, just to get it moving. There were a lot of TB's left on the table at Eustis, so I grabbed 10 and put them out in N.H. the next weekend. (I was helping to clean up and there about 25 or so hanging around) My question here is: Am I breaking any kind of TB etiquette by moving around too many TB's or coins. Is it better to grab a few TB's out of a cache and move them around, or leave them be? I know I really enjoy reading where my TB's move too and I have no issues with where they go. Does anyone have any thoughts about coins and bugs and what best to do with them?