Have received word that via post I am receivng one of the copper ECP coins to release into the wild here in Maine. The mission of the coin is, of course, to travel the US and beyond. I will not know the full details until the coin arrives in my post.

As this is winter here and a bit chilly, as well as unpredicitable snow cover, I am asking for Geofriends who might help move this coin from Winter Friendly cache to cache. Please PM me or EM me your offers and we will see what we can do. The coin will start out from Orrington and I hope proceed on it's journey ~ well documented for the owner ~ of course.

As an owner of one of these coins - it is awesome to hold in hand. Nice icon too. I sure hope the one I receive can travel over some parts of Maine and then journey on for other adventures.

PLEASE - Maine cachers - help prove this state is not full of Geocoin and TB "thieves"! Move this coin! And if new and encountering this coin - not sure of how to log it - please just ask - we will help you.

So look for the arrival of the Penquin - and email me if you would like to help this cute lady/fellow travelor.