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Thread: 100 plus finds in ONE day!

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    He's the "King of FTF's". I just gotta know.....were any of them ftf's?

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    We may need to do a "caching intervention" on gob-ler. He went out again in the middle of the night again in Maryland and did 110 this time! I'd say he's got "5000 fever" and needs that milestone so he won't miss the Spring Turkey Hunt. Go Dick go, you caching fiend!

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    Default Gob-ler

    You can go on and under Hide and seek Caches, write in "gob-ler" under caches "found by" and you'll see that while it was surely a numbers run, there were plenty of caches mixed in that were a lot more challenging then your standard PNG"s and GR's. I've had some good days, at least for me, where I've bagged 30 and more, but holy smokes, 100 plus? He's a caching fiend for sure but if your ever need a little technical assistance, he will take whatever time is needed to help out a total stranger (which I was the first time I called) and that's what makes him such an important player and resource to our sport.
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    OMG! He is a machine.
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