Does anyone know the folks involved with placing this Geocache or have connections with the Bangor Y? There is a Geocoin missing out of this cache which was picked up by a Geocacher whose profile says they were a teacher at the Bangor Y..........along with some others picked up by that same "teacher" (hotdog312).

They have not been (either the CPWkids or Hotdog312) on the website since 7/1/2008 and the folks for both these profiles joined quite close together. Both profiles show cache finds and trackables picked up - and regretfully trackables gone missing and never dropped after they picked them up.

I am hoping these folks just got out of caching and the items are somewhere in a bag, coat or pocket and might be recovered. If anyone has connections with the person or persons who placed the cache at the Y camp or connections with the Y - could we have some help in trying to recover some coins and TBs?

Please note - this is being written to try and bring a resolve to missing trackables. No accusations - just lets help get them back into circulation by trying to find who has them and bring them back.

I have sent a PM to Hotdog312 with my email information and also my personal phone number. Any help which might be given would be appreciated by all.