Camping in the winter...what kind of a "nut" does something like that. Well come to Abbot on 3/7/09 and you'll get to meet lots of us.

This year we have decided to do things a little differently. First off we are holding this years event close to the highway, so that getting to the event will be only a short walk from the parking lot of a hundred yards. Secondly is the parking lot (which Number Seven is keeping plowed) which will let us keep the vehicles off the road during the night time hours, which has been a concern in years pass.

The reasons for holding the event close to the road is to allow those not use to winter camping the added security of being close to their vehicle, for that mid night escape if necessary. Also any of our members who were not able to join us the pass two years because of the 1 1/4 mile walk each way, can now come (at least for the daytime) and hangout at the fire, cook some hot dogs, play some games, do some snowshoeing, etc.

So mark the date on your calender and come join us for a fun filled day doing what we all do the