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Thread: Changes to the web site

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    Default Changes to the web site

    For those that don't visit the forums or who might have missed this post, here is a list of recent changes, copied from this post.

    Release Notes - March 10th, 2009 Release

    Some of the big changes this month include further additions to the My GPS feature, including the ability to select and save multiple devices in your profile. We also made layout changes to the Field Notes and Geocoin Home pages.

    Bugs-wise, the most popular fix will probably be the increase to Bookmark Lists of 20 to 40 lists, with IE 6 and 7 cache page printing issues following closely behind. Thanks for your patience while we fixed these and for any future bugs!

    First off, the following list of hotfix items were implemented at one time or another throughout the past month:

    1. Fixed GPS rating issue where a device with zero reviews would receive a star rating
    2. Changed text and layout of iPhone page including promo video
    3. Added My GPS info to /my/ page
    4. Added maintenance page to all sites for site updates
    5. Added "change" link next to GPS on /my/ page
    6. Forced comment for GPS ratings - error received if comment left empty
    7. Fixed issue with previewing forum signature lines in profile edit
    8. Corrected cursor behavior in GPS rating comment box where cursor would jump to the end of comments

    Now for the full list of features and bug fixes released today:

    1. Added new quick search options to /my/ page
    2. Added message after pocket query submission announcing the number of caches which will be returned (at the top of the page)
    3. Print Friendly page now includes attribute text in addition to attribute icon for non-English speakers
    4. Added "GPS Devices" link to footer
    5. Added user lookup tool to /my/ for upgrading a member's account to Premium
    6. Updated sendtophone.aspx to include iPhone information
    7. Added Greek translation of cache note
    8. Changed default profile image from semi-frowny-indifferent-face to neutral face
    9. Added forgot password link to home page
    10. Removed references to DeLorme from /CITO
    11. Updated page layout on fieldnotes.aspx
    12. Moved gps reviewer name and date of review to above the review comment on device.aspx
    13. Added geocoin lookup to Geocoin Home
    14. Removed text "from a separate page" from link to view log in detail
    15. Fixed URL in validation email to prevent errors when username contains spaces
    16. Fixed printing errors in IE 6 and 7
    17. Updated language from travel bug to trackable item on profile pages
    18. Final Waypoint now hidden by default when creating new cache
    19. Increased Bookmark list limit from 20 to 40
    20. Improved layout of geocoin.aspx to account for growing number of manufacturer links
    21. Added Country and State/Province to home page event calendar
    22. Added text to validation email to emphasize the validation code is not a password
    23. List of currently held trackables on the "log a cache" page now in alphabetical order by trackable title
    24. Added page titles to printable TB sheet
    25. Updated cache submission confirmation email to include waypoint ID in subject and body
    26. Added server name and build number to page source
    27. Added "remove from watchlist" link to watched trackable pages

    Thanks for all your support and, as usual, please post bugs related to this release in this thread. Thanks!

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    and this change, too...
    Logging of All Physical Caches

    Geocaches can be logged online as Found once the physical log has been signed.
    If it is appropriate for your cache location or theme, you may ask the cache seeker to accomplish an optional and simple task, either close to the cache site (normally within 0.1 miles or 161 meters) or when writing their online log. For example, wear the goofy hat inside the cache container and upload a photograph. Cache finders can choose whether or not to attempt or accomplish optional tasks. Cache owners may not delete the cache seeker's log based solely on optional tasks.
    This guideline change applies immediately to all logs written from April 4, 2009 and going forward. Older caches with "additional logging requirements" (ALRs) are not grandfathered under the older guideline. If you own an existing cache with mandatory additional logging requirements, we request that you:
    • Cease deleting logs based on additional logging requirements.
    • Review your own cache listing to see if the ALR can be made into an optional and simple task, or whether it must be removed altogether.
    • Adjust your geocache listing by editing the text then contact a reviewer to change the cache type, if appropriate.

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