Top 10 Signs of a
Serious Geocaching Addiction

By Torry Stiles, aka Torry10. You name your youngest child, "Micro."

9. Your boss takes you aside and asks about the smell of DEET when you come back from a long lunch. You lie and claim it's cheap gin.

8. Your significant other calls you to dinner through the forums.

7. The clerk at the Army/Navy surplus store meets you out back with your ammo cans in a plain, brown wrapper.

6. You've ever used a caching buddy as a job reference.

5. There's a picture of the new Magellan on your bedroom ceiling.

4. The clerks at McDonald's are getting suspicious.

3. You tried to claim beef jerky expenses on your taxes.

2. The DEA agents follow you home after another of your massive ZipLoc shopping runs.

1. You call out, "Found it!" in moments of passion.