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We had it take us to two places that were incorrect, a Krispy Kreme in AL - it sent us into a residential neghborhood, at least it was a good neighborhood. And a Hotel in NC - Nuvi put us in some industrial area. Since the maps are common to all units, that will happen to any unit.
I think this is just that the GPSr takes you to the closest point to the destination, but not necessarily the exact way you'd want to go in a car. We've had this happen many times when geocaching, where the GPSr gets you to with 50 feet of the destination, but it's across the fence or across the stream. It doesn't realize that you need to follow the road to the edge of the park or to the trailhead.

Don't know why it couldn't find the Krispy Kreme, though. Don't know why you'd want a Krispy Kreme, either! Sheesh! Terrible things - all fat and sugar. Delicious, too.