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Thread: Hi from Kenduskeag

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    Default Hi from Kenduskeag also

    Welcome to the sport. Gail and I also live in Kenduskeag. Hope to meet you on the Geotrails sometime, the season for caching is upon us. It is very addicting, but you will see some really nice locations, and if you attend any events, you will meet some of the finest folks around. Happy Caching,,,,"Dave and Gail" PS,,,Feel free to contact us any time

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    Yes, I definitely think most of the cachers I have met are some of the nicest people around. I think there are many aspects of caching that make it so addictive. I really like the diversity of hides as well as the people themselves. Sometimes you can get a glimpse of the hider's personality and mindset when you look at their hides.

    You also seem some awesome places. Sometimes practically in your backyard.
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