Well, daterkitfox hasn't been real active on the forums for a while ~ but there is some news here. I first met him, his lovely wife and their dog when they attended my very first Apres the Last Cache Bashe of Summer event. We have kept in touch ever since.

Through thick and thin, so it speak. I was delighted when he retrained and got a new job. Even more thrilled when he and his wife were able to go on vacations again.............

They, like a few others, took a cruise just a bit ago. Now, the passion for caching is truly in their heart.

So I was not surprised when he had emailed me, he was going to go for the Oldest unfound cache in the World........Oh so blue - GC15D - placed 1/6/2001.

Imagine my surprise when he emailed me today, short on sleep from the return flights to let me know - he was FTF! And to add to this -they went over 600 caches found on this trip as well.

An awesome accomplishment on both fronts.

The "fox" has dial up service so it is hard for him but I am thrilled and wanted to share his accomplishment with the community. I am not sure if he gets on this website - but shoot him an email. Sure he would appreciate it.

Way to go daterkitfox! Maine cachers have what it takes - not matter where!