Top Ten

Geocacher Halloween Party Tips

By Torry

10. Don't use your address on the invitation, use coordinates instead. Send the wrong coords to the people you don't like.

9. Costume Tip: Make a papier-mache tree trunk with arm- and leg-holes. Attach $1 bills to the branches. You're a cache log.

8. Party game: Graveyard Cache-A-Thon! Provide shovels.

7. Costume Tip: Don't show up. Send all the others an e-mail asking them if they liked your DNF costume.

6. Costume Tip: Decorate a shirt with pictures of coffee cups and seabirds. You're a muggle.

5. Forget the fancy platters. Put everything into Tupperware.

4. Take a group into deep woods. Hold a seance for missing signal.

3. Scary Halloween Hayride: One driver and a wagonful of caching chronics shouting directions from their GPS maps.

2. Place some of the coordinates to the party in a mausoleum. That way, everyone has to decrypt the clue.

1. Costume Tip: Paint yourself yellow, close your eyes, wander around, lost ... you're an eTrex!