Top 10 Reasons Not To Bring Your Significant Other On A Cache Trip Torry Stiles

By Torry Stiles, aka Torry
  • 10. "Honey. The guide book says watch out for bears. Honey? Honey?"
  • 9. "What do you mean 'Just go behind a tree,' mister?"
  • 8. "Every time you see somebody you whisper 'Pretend we're making out,' Is your GPSr even on?"
  • 7. " Sweetie-kins. It's a CACHE BAG. Not a purse. Okay?"
  • 6. " ...And I suppose Mary Finnegan claimed YOU were the FTF? ..."
  • 5. "What do you mean 'Stop and ask directions?' I've got it on my Magellan right .. right .. Where's my Magellan?"
  • 4. "I'm not sticking my hand in there! Get the salad tongs!"
  • 3. "Are you thinking of caching with someone else when you're caching with me?"
  • 2. "Sweetie. You can't get the ESPN sports-feed satellite on that so stop trying and help me look."
  • 1. "Honey, I'm sorry. I promise you can have the next FTF and I won't knock you down on the trail."