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Thread: Mapachi Hits the Century Mark!!

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    You have given so much to the game with all your hides. Thank you and keep on going...
    There is a very fine line between 'hobby' and ‘mental illness'. ---Dave Barry

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    Red face 1000 thanks!

    WOW! Thanks to all!
    Special thanks to my caching buddy and comic foil Dubord207, my cache finding role model Gob-Ler, my cache hiding role model Laughing Terry, my go-to Gal for all things geocaching, Hollora and to all my other geo-friends to numerous to mention here, who have helped me with encouragement, lifelines and laughs. Laughter is so important in life. It helps us all cope with the adversity that life brings us.I had to think a long time on my favorite cache. I have a lot of favorites. Some for the containers, some for the hide. But, I have enjoyed the longer hikes in the woods I have done all alone, the most. In the middle of the workweek. No one else on the trails.........peaceful......relaxing...Reflective time....So I will pick "The Mountain" in Belgrade/Rome as my favorite.
    Also thanks to Brewmaine for turning me on to "You Gotta See this" I was going to do "Turkey Buzzard" for my 1000th cache but Daggett Rock looked like a better choice. BOY WAS IT EVER! This is a spectacular cache site!
    Again thanks to all


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    Im glad you enjoyed it Pat. I hopeto get up there myself sometimethis year. How was the bugs this early in the spring? Also thank you for showing me your vista hcx after looking around at a lot of other models I chose the same one you have.It was a big help for me making my choice. I should be reciving it this week Whoo Hoo!!
    The Drinking Will Continue Until Morale Improves !!

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