OOOhhhh Noooooo......Man, that's it! I just got my first PDA as a birthday gift. I've learned to turn it on and how to charge the battery. They tell me I can use it to help with caching. So then I go caching with Hollora and her GPS actually had a map come up that showed the trails where we had been! I can get my GPS to show me numbers that change when I walk to the left, right, back, etc. but no maps. Now I have to buy a metal detector? What's next? A geiger counter? You see, I'm still convinced that paperless caching is more expensive because you go through more batteries. The animal (skunk, maybe) that keeps finding and trashing my snipe hunt cache doesn't even use a GPS. I used to use a magnetized needle on a sliver of Ivory Soap in a mud puddle to show me north, now I have a compass. That's high-tech enough.... ;-)