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Thread: CITO events!!!

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    Default CITO events!!!

    Just thought I'd post a reminder that there are 2 CITO event coming up on the first weekend of May and one on the 16th!

    CITO events are special because they provide an opportunity to give back to the land managers, towns and property owners that allow outdoor recreation, especially Geocaching!!

    I noticed this post on the forums and got an idea; If we all post on the national forums, it will look like Maine leads the nation in CITO. So, if you are hosting one of the events, why not post it on the CITO forum? If you plan on going or think you can think of one good reason to CITO, why not post it!
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    Cool May 3rd CITO

    Thanks TAT! Here is the link to the Mount Agamenticus event Sunday morning. You could not ask for a more picturesque place to have an event. And after the geocaching community gives back a few hours of our time to the cause. It will look even better for all others who follow.

    Thanks to everyone who has posted a " will attend ".

    See you on Sunday.
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    I plan on doing both. unless someone gives me a better idea.

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    I am hoping to make it back in time Saturday morning maybe to make it to the Delorme event. Time will tell.
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