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    Default Washington DC?

    I realize its not Maine related, but I wanted to ask if anyone could recommend a good geocache to visit in the Washington DC area. I am sure a lot of us travel so I thought I would ask the question. I am going in a week and wanted to plan out my visit. I know there are a lot of virtual ones in the area.

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    There are tons of virts in the mall area, they are fun to do, but time consuming to log since you have the emails to send as well. But don't let that stop you! The two most memorable virts for me there were The Actor Really Did Break A Leg (GC8B0C) by Duc996 (2/1) , which is at the theater where Lincoln was shot and Trev's "Freedom" Cache (GC39A9) by Trevelyan's R&R and Guy Nelson (3.5/1.5), it can be tricky to get all the answers, at least it was for us!

    6 miles outside of DC, there is a multi - Did the Dr. kill him? (GCC6BC) by flowerman (2/1) - this one is full of history. Make sure you do the tour at the end and bring your camera, it is worth the few minutes of the tour to be able to see the city from the vantage point at the top. Also, stop by the Unknown Old Town Memorial (GCBF24) by TheDartBoardGang (1/1) cache while in the area, it is related.

    We had a great time at the Spy Museum while there too!
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