Beware Longish Post:

Guys this is to funny,
I am Bill Rose, AkA Jester4Always on several motorcycle forums including our own Maine European Motorcycle enthusiasts ( MEME) and

So some of you may know me, I have several Ducs and A Bmw and seem to be always found riding or wrenching.

Jim LeClair asked me to pen a few words for Ride Maine, and I thought an article on Geocahing would help give both sports some positive press.

Funny things was, as it went to Press they mistakenly did not include the authors name. No big deal, however, I have had some interesting comments as folks read the article and were not aware they are standing around the Author.

From what I have seen when discussing the article most folks are interested and want to learn more. And that is just what I had hoped to achieve. Develop a interest, expose our sport to a new audience, and put a positive spin on what has to be one of the greatest family activities developed in years.

I thank Jim and the folks at Ride Maine for the Opertunity to use some space, and all of you folks here on the forum for helping all of us Newbies out. I first came to this forum asking advice, and I found It, and more.

Thanks again,
Bill Rose