Is there any way to take a list of coordinates and find all caches within a mile of each coordinate? Or would I have to go through and look up each coordinate individually?

To put my question in to context...

My husband and I are really in to lighthouses. We'd like to have caches at some of the best viewing spots for various lighthouses in Maine that are typically hard to find so that others can see lighthouses that they may not have seen otherwise.

For example, Whitlocks Mill Lighthouse is on private property. However, about a mile away there is a rest area that provides a great viewing spot. We'd like to put a cache at that rest area.

Or, Indian Island Lighthouse is offshore but it is possible to get distant views from the shore. At the Maine Lighthouse Museum there are directions to a spot with a really good distant view but it involves parking on the side of the road in Rockport (or Rockland? I forget, lol) and going through a wooded area. We'd like to put a cache there.

I'd like to generate a list of all lighthouses that already have nearby caches. That way I know which lighthouses to ignore. I obviously can go through and manually look up each lighthouse's coordinates... but if there were a way I could run a query to generate the list it would be awesome.