I know it may be a bit early, but I'm doing it . . . Step 1 is admitting I have a problem and I realize I have a problem with not going and doing Events so this is an attempt to remedy that problem.

Consider this advance warning. Mark your calendars. Load up your ATVs. Head for the hills . . . well, really it will not be that bad.


Tread Lightly: ORCAS on ATVs Event (pending approval)

July 17-19 (actual event: July 18th (SAT) at 7 p.m.
Arndt's Aroostook River Lodge and Campground
Presque Isle, ME

The plan is to meet together to geocache and ATV . . . as one ATVer/geocacher in my local ATV Club said the other day when I said I was attempting to organize this event . . . "Wow. Geocaching, ATVing and camping . . . does it get any better?" The Answer: Only if you're doing all three of those things in the County.

If you haven't geocached in the County before you're in for a real treat -- lots of great caches in some great locations.

If you haven't ATVed in the County before you're in for a real treat -- this is ATV heaven with folks who not only tolerate ATVs -- they welcome ATVs (on my first trip to the County I actually rode my ATV on the sidewalks in Van Buren (all legal) and a passing police officer waved to us.)

However, as good as the caching and ATVing is the only thing better is the legendary Aroostook County hospitality . . . so come on up.

If you have an ATV, great . . . some of us may go for a short ride on Friday night depending on when folks arrive. Otherwise, we'll be planning for a 9 a.m. departure ride. Right now my tentative plans are to ride down to Mars Hill, ride up the mountain if it is open and then up the border and over to Easton -- this is a fantastic all-day ride with the trail varying from an old rail trail to woods trails and old dirt roads. Highlights include the view from Mars Hill, seeing the Border Markers of the US/Canada and of course the sweet, sweet smell of those County potatoes being transformed into McCain french fries in Easton.

At 7 p.m. we'll hopefully be back, freshly showered and sitting around a campfire to swap TBs, geocaching stories and share information about geocaching.

If you do not have an ATV you have two options.
Option A) Contact me and if someone has space on an ATV we'll get you on the ATV for the day.

Option B) Come on up and geocache during the day and join us in the evening ($3 guest pass required at the campground) . . . or stay all night.

For folks with ATVs, we may attempt another short ride on Sunday morning as well.

A few words about Arndt's . . .

* ATVs are allowed to ride to the trail only. No riding ATVs in the campground to go to the bathhouse or office.

* Pets are also OK, but they ask that they be on a leash and you clean up after them.

* You can call Arndt's at 764-8677 to make a reservation. Be sure to mention the Geocaching/ATV Event . . . if there are enough of us we may get a discount. There are tent sites and RV sites . . . I've been told they will attempt to group us together. Rates are $22/night.

Sure, it's a long drive for some folks, but trust me on this (you can trust a firefighter can't you?) . . . it's well worth the drive if you enjoy ATVing and/or geocaching.

Well, that's all for now . . . yeah, I can't quite believe it either . . . my very first geocaching event . . . surely a sign of the Apocalypse I know!