I received the following e-mail regarding my PNORYN'S cache. I am replacing the log this weekend and will keep you updated if there are further problems.

GEO] Eight Foot Llama contacting lexmano from Geocaching.com‏ From: <img id="P___1364760741" webimdisplaystyle="inline" style="display: none;"> Geocaching (noreply@geocaching.com) Sent: Thu 5/28/09 5:08 PM To: ebayfiend@hotmail.com Hi there,

I found your "PNORYN's" cache on May 22. It was a film canister under a lamppost skirt.

Inside was a 8.5x11 sheet of paper, folded up about a million times. There were no log signatures on it. On the back was a computer printed message which said:

"Congratulations, you have found a GEOCACHE!
Now, let's see if you can find a life.
You <blanking> nerd!"

So unless I am missing something, it looks like a muggle is messing with your cache.

I left everything as-is.

Take care,
Jim / 8FL

I am a little confused by the muggle's sentiments. Geocaching is not a life?!