View Poll Results: Which chat program should we keep on the web site?

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  • Chat (original)

    12 41.38%
  • vBCaht (new one)

    2 6.90%
  • Both

    3 10.34%
  • I could care less

    12 41.38%
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Thread: Chat progams on the site

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    Red face Combo response

    Bruce - You like to share you opinion? No way - I didn't ever pick up on that!! hehehehe

    Haffy - you are the one who needs the spell checker - hehehehe - but the question is, what on earth language would it be in?

    For those who couldn't vote - sounds like it is just as well anyway since Bruce's will be the only one that counts as he points out.

    Those comments are all in jest. These comments are for real.....

    Rick - No need to apologize for placing the chat on the website. I think (IMHO) that we recognize that you are continuously searching for new and interesting things that we might like to try and/or implement. Your efforts are appreciated!!

    I have no preference - each format has it's pro's and cons. I'll vote accordingly.
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    After spending a little time in the VBChat last night, I vote for the original hands down. There's no question.

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    wbdent After chatting with other members. It has seems that the new chat program called VbChat is not very good at all. So I will be removing it within the next couple of days.
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