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Which is what I said... LOL!

So you're only going to be on I95 for about 20 miles. Believe me, that's best! (And you really don't have to get on I95 at all to get to Bangor - stay on route 2. It only takes you 15 minutes or so longer.)
I've plotted a little here and see the benefit of Route 2.

We're still planning on going to the top of the state, if not just for that webcam and a full curve down the coast. We have several days, so I'm not too worried about a little extra time!

As it stands, it looks like we're thinking of leaving that Sunday (I'll be in Montreal for the weekend, meeting a friend in Plattsburgh and riding with him from there as my other friends head home from Montreal...) and we'll basically go from Plattsburgh to Bangor that day (caching along the way, of course). Stay in Bangor for the night and then head north Monday.

Considering Bangor to Houlton doesn't seem like more than a few-hour drive, we'll head up (cache some along the way), then curve around down the coast. We'll be doing a sunup to sundown sort of day on each day, so we should have plenty of time and light to get a lot of caches and take in scenery.

The side trips, off Route 1, will include Bar Harbor and a few others so we can touch on all of Acadia and get many Earthcaches (I think I found like 20 of them?).

My one hope is that we can somehow stumble across an event of some sort while we're on the trip. It's always fun to meet people while out and about on a caching trip!

Over the next month and a half, I'll be doing some serious planning and look forward to exploring these routes you all have told us to take!