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Thread: Greetings!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollora View Post
    Welcome - echo EMSDanel - try to make it to an event. It is hard to know who is a cacher on the trail if they don't have their GPSr in hand. Hope you are having fun.
    Just because you see someone with a GPSr they might not be a cacher. I have seen hikers and boaters with them too.

    It is a little scary thinking there are some people just wandering around without a purpose.

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    Lisa had a lanyard around her neck that I spotted as she walked by me at Shaw's on Monday night after we'd been caching in Belfast, Searsport, Castine, and Searsmont until almost 8:30 PM. I'm surprised I even noticed her as I was trying to make sure there weren't any rocks, roots, or mud in my way as I was navigating the frozen foods aisle. She also had a TB on that lanyard and I was so exhausted I never even got the number. Hope we meet again soon - but this time on the trails.

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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I hope to make it to a few events this summer and explore more of this awesome state. And yes, I really was wearing a TB around my neck when MacFriends found me! Hope to meet you all soon, at an event or out on the trail!

    Gas to drive around town for 2 hours = $5Bologna, Cheese, Cabbage, Bread, 16 sets of beads, and 5 flashlights at Wal*Mart = $15
    Finding 12 geocaches and only getting stopped by the cops once = priceless

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