In the Pet Peeve thread people are talking about logging a find without signing the physical log and it got me thinking about something Ben and I discussed this weekend.

We have noticed that we seem to log a lot more DNFs than we see on other profiles. We have 70 finds and 9 DNFs. Plus, we've seen logs where people say "I searched for this last month and couldn't find it, got it today" but had never logged the DNF. We did that once because we forgot to log the original DNF, but the rest of the time we try to log it unless time constraints forced us not to give ourselves a fair amount of time to find it.

Other than personal stats, is there any stigma with logging a DNF? I like to log them because it serves as a reminder for us to go back and try again... plus at least two DNFs that I have logged ended up being caches that were actually missing and the cache owners took action.

The only negative I can think of with logging a DNF is it may discourage people from searching for a cache. I know that if I am far from home and see a log where the 2 or 3 most recent posts are DNF I will not choose to search for that cache. Is there something else that I am missing?