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My only rule is: If you have exited the vehicle, once your feet touch the ground, and you have a GPS'r in your hand. That constitutes an attempt to find the cache and if you have not signed the log. That's a DNF!
I use the same rule. This week due to heavy rain I didn't get within 106 feet of a new cache in Waterville. I DNF'd it anyway:

June 20 by fins2right (480 found)
I probably shouldn't log this at all. After discovering that Laughing Terry beat me to the first, I shrugged my shoulders and plodded on. I started into the jungle and saw what could have been 3 inches of water or 3 feet of water between me and the cache. At this point I decided to try it later. I'll be back!!!

Did I mention that Laughing Terry emailed me and described the cache as under water and that he looked like a wet dog on the way out. Oh the things we do for a FTF. Perhaps I made a good choice that day.....