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    Default GEOMEO offices

    With the latest push on the geocoin, it's obvious that some sort of treasurer will be needed to handle the money.

    wbdent I was talking to Cameoooooo tonight in chat for an extended period of time. She has volunteered as treasurer and she thinks we need a president too. But seems to think it should be me. I would take the reign if everyone wants me to. But this is all pending everyone’s approval. Unless you all want to have nominations and go through the voting process? We are doing this so that we can set the group up as a non-profit organization. That is the main reason and also so that Cameoooooo can set up a bank account to handle the money for the coins.

    wbdent We feel guilty that we are shoving thin down everyone’s throats. But we need to get this done for the non-profit side of things.

    wbdent Lets here some feedback on this.
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