How do you download waypoints into your GPS'r?

Are you a Premium member of and receive weekly or daily pocket queries?

Do you use GSAK or any of the other software waypoint management tools?

I have for a long time been a premium member and received daily pocket queries for Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. I now have a total of 19 PQ's that run each week to cover all of my unfound caches for the 3 states. I have preferred to use GSAK Geocahing Swiss Army Knife to manage the waypoints. The ease of getting the downloads and use of filters to load only 1000 waypoints, the capacity of my MAP60CSx, into my GPS'r has worked just fine for me.

Being that there are others out there who do it differently. Please use this thread to enlighten us on your tips and, to the others please ask questions.

There have been other recent threads on this topic, but I did not want to relate this to any one brand of GPS. So lets hear from the Magellan, DeLorme, Nuvi, Tom Tom, Garmin and anyone else who wants to post.