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I couldn't help but think FFJ and myself were two targets of this discussion. I have a few reasons why I don't post much anymore to these threads.
. . ..
No worries, mon.

It's all good . . . I'm not feeling the pain.

I'm not an anti-congratulatory curmudgeon . . . it's just not my "thing" -- just like I don't tend to do events, dislike micros in the woods for the most part and have never developed a taste for coffee or beer (which is ironic since my good friend Hiram is just the opposite . . . I mean when it comes to liking coffee and beer . . . but just not together . . . at least I'm pretty sure I've never seen him drink coffee/beer . . . vegetarian Guiness on the other hand I have seen him drink.

And I should add . . . I also have no hurt feelings when folks miss congratulating me on my own milestones . . . it really isn't a big deal for me.