Lets here a little bit about you and where you’re from.

I will start it out.

I am Attroll on here and that is my geocache name. To break the name down it the first part is abbreviated. It really means Appalachian Trail Troll. Because I am an Appalachian Trail enthusiasts

I was born and raised in Brunswick. I then served 20 years in the US Navy. Then retired to where I live now in Litchfield. I bought my GPS originally for my snowmobiling trips because sometimes it was confusing as to which trail I was suppose to take on the return trip on my excursions up in northern Maine. But one day I was looking at a friends Yahoo profile and they mentioned geocaching. So I asked them what it was. They explained it and sent me to the geocaching web site. So I tried doing one. The first one got me and my family hooked. We have been doing it ever since.