I keep all of Maine's caches loaded on my Garmin and update it weekly, but the night before going caching I like to plan my route, generate a Caches Along a Route PQ and decide which caches I am going to visit. Ben watched me map our route in Google Earth on Friday and thinks I may be making it overly complicated so I figured I would run it by all of you

The routes are usually a loop that starts and ends in Hermon. Google Earth seems to only allow you to plan routes with a start/end point... they don't let you set multiple destinations like Google Maps does. So, I go in to Google Earth and save multiple .kml files for each "leg" for the route.

I then go through and use a text editor to open each .kml file and copy/paste the coordinates in to a single .kml file. I upload that file to gc.com and generate a Caches Along Route PQ.

Here is an example of the type of route I am trying to create:

Is there a way to do this without manually editing the .kml files? To make the route above I had to make separate .kml files for Bangor to Greenville, Greenville to Rockwood, Rockwood to Jackman, Jackman to Skowhegan and Skowhegan to Bangor.